thanksgiving beauty

jeff and i had a wonderful day of hiking and exploring in acadia national park.

there was next to no one around and we were able to do some stress free exploring.

the sun was bright and the shadows were long.

the day was too short, but darkness comes early these days.

a quick stop home for coffee, turkey and cold stuffing

then over to see ben, meghan, and joey for a while.

its been a good day.

i am thankful



this movie makes me very, very happy.

i love, love, love it.  and i’m not a movie person.

i bought this first on vhs years ago

then on dvd waterproof phone case.

and i watch it at least once maybe more each december.

i’m gonna watch it today!

it is 40ish and sunny today.  a beautiful day.

we skipped church this morning The best mobile accessories

hiked a nearby hill we’ve never hiked before.

there was no trail, but it was a small enough hill to find our way.  the leaves being down makes it much easier to do this because your views of landmarks are not obstructed.


in my journey through life this far i have tried earnestly to discover what it is that God requires of me, without being legalistic.  when the kids were growing up i realized that i was just repeating what i’d known about most holidays.  but things started to bug me and my heart was being pulled.

long story shortened so as not to become boring:  i decided that halloween was not to be “celebrated” . dressing up for fun and having a harvest party at some other point in the fall-ok.

thanksgiving–wonderful family feasting thankful reflection holiday.  it is good to give thanks every day.  but as a nation it is an awesome statement.  i’m alarmed by how many things i read in opposition to thanksgiving. i do not like that the black friday spendfest is somewhat connected to it.

christmas. this was the tough one.  by the time i started to be convicted of stuff the kids were past the santa phase.  oh, so much scripture searching and soul searching.

we stopped the tree.  i decorate with greens and sometimes have little accent trees, but the tree had become an idol to me.  so many people have said to me (christians) “how can you have christmas without a tree?”  yup, its become an idol for you if you think that it can’t be christmas without one.  the tree stressed me–i ditched it.  and i don’t miss it. at. all.

the gifting. crazy stuff. spending money buying stuff for people that they probably won’t use.  stopped the gifting one year and just concentrated on other fun things.  the kids were very happy.  the next year we gifted but limited it.  now we just pull names in sept. and we don’t buy for any extended family.  i do make some homemade stuff & food gifts.

now, the big one:  santa.  after going in one side and out the other on this topic, here is where i am.  i see nothing wrong with childhood fantasy.  in a christian household that lives their lives with God at the center, children know the difference between make believe and real.  they know God is real because they see Him work in their lives and their parents lives.  same with the easter bunny, tooth fairy, etc….  childhood is all about make believe and fantasy and that is a good thing!

well, now that i got that off of my chest–on to bigger and better things!

have a great monday!!!!


i love to write stuff in notebooks.

i have a notebook for bible study

scrapbooking ideas,

journalingcloset storage

a notebook i keep with my computer to write interesting stuff down in and to keep all of my passwords in

a notebook to write my food journal in

a notebook to write political, moral ramblings.  i occassionally write letters to the newspaper.  mostly in support of homeschooling and other conservative issues registration of company in Hong Kong.

i have a notebook that i write stories in (i’ve written a few childrens stories so far–all set in my neighborhood here on the wink)

i think i am addicted to writing because it helps me keep all of my thoughts and stuff straight and it helps me get things done. ( i make lists and lists and lists亞洲知識管理學院)

yes. my notebooks make me happy

i loved paper!

today is a dreary late fall day.  there is now some snow on the ground   it snow about an inch or so, but then sleet, freezing rain and now just rain and its quite foggy out there.

quiet day…cooked my husbands absolutely favorite dish: gizzards and hearts with onions and gravy slow cooked in the crock pot with mixed veggies and egg noodles.  i won’t be sharing.  it’s something he loves, not me!

thought i’d share this photo

i guess i could look up its exact name but i’m just not that interested.  it grows all over the mountaintops here. it makes a really soft cushion.  my husband calls it mountain coral because thats what it looks like.  i like that name.