invite the girlfriend

The most primal attraction to another human being is not a choice. I will stand by this statement to my death (or until science strongly supports the opposite Aviation Engineering BEng.

That being said, there are many times in which you find yourself attracted to someone who isn’t right. This could be someone who is sub-par to your standards for whatever reason, or someone who is just unavailable. It happens to the best of us. We find ourselves being attracted to the cute guy or lady, and come to find after we are already twice past head-over-heels, that they are in a relationship. Or, for some of us, we are well-aware that this person is taken, but that doesn’t stop us from being attracted to them. It only really stops us [sometimes] from making a move dermes.

I’ve experienced all of the above before, and it usually just sucks. The hardest part for me is knowing what is acceptable and unacceptable as a friend once you find out this person is taken.

I always find myself second-guessing my actions. Should I invite him over by himself, or should I make sure and invite the girlfriend? Is it acceptable to hug him goodbye like the rest of my friends? Is what I’m doing going to be interpreted wrong? Personally, I don’t care Diamond Water. Personally, if you have a problem with our friendship, get over it. Personally, I don’t treat people differently just because of their relationship status.

thanksgiving beauty

jeff and i had a wonderful day of hiking and exploring in acadia national park.

there was next to no one around and we were able to do some stress free exploring.

the sun was bright and the shadows were long.

the day was too short, but darkness comes early these days.

a quick stop home for coffee, turkey and cold stuffing

then over to see ben, meghan, and joey for a while.

its been a good day.

i am thankful


i love to write stuff in notebooks.

i have a notebook for bible study

scrapbooking ideas,

journalingcloset storage

a notebook i keep with my computer to write interesting stuff down in and to keep all of my passwords in

a notebook to write my food journal in

a notebook to write political, moral ramblings.  i occassionally write letters to the newspaper.  mostly in support of homeschooling and other conservative issues registration of company in Hong Kong.

i have a notebook that i write stories in (i’ve written a few childrens stories so far–all set in my neighborhood here on the wink)

i think i am addicted to writing because it helps me keep all of my thoughts and stuff straight and it helps me get things done. ( i make lists and lists and lists亞洲知識管理學院)

yes. my notebooks make me happy

i loved paper!

today is a dreary late fall day.  there is now some snow on the ground   it snow about an inch or so, but then sleet, freezing rain and now just rain and its quite foggy out there.

quiet day…cooked my husbands absolutely favorite dish: gizzards and hearts with onions and gravy slow cooked in the crock pot with mixed veggies and egg noodles.  i won’t be sharing.  it’s something he loves, not me!

thought i’d share this photo

i guess i could look up its exact name but i’m just not that interested.  it grows all over the mountaintops here. it makes a really soft cushion.  my husband calls it mountain coral because thats what it looks like.  i like that name.





















I’m done this year

There’s a lot that has happened.. some of it isn’t mine to share. But just know that I feel weights off my shoulders, so does D. We’re still together, promise.

School is pressing, but I’m trying my best.

D and I are doing well, he didn’t get anything for my birthday.. except to take me to see the midnight 3D premiere of Hotel Transylvania at the last moment and to say that he’ll take me to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 in about a month. But that’s not okay.. I haven’t received an actual gift since my 17th nor jewelry since our first year together…

almost 4 years ago. I know he thinks I’m worth it but he doesn’t show it.. And that hurts. Instead he spent his big check on his bills (which he should have) but the last 100-200 dollars was spent on drugs, cigarettes, gas and a $30 yo-yo for himself. He indulged on himself for my birthday. Wow. Ouch.

I can’t tell him that I’m upset. It won’t fix anything and he’ll feel even worse. We spent the midnight hour into my birthday talking about him breaking down, him upset over work and life and how he didn’t get me anything. And me upset, without telling him, that once again I was painstakingly right about not seeing anything for my birthday for the second year in a row.

I can’t even remember the last Christmas or Valentine’s Day he got me something. Am I really not that important as to be shown I am? One year he got all his friends and his family a card for Christmas, but NOTHING for me. I brush it off in front of him, when inside I’m crying and my heart is hurting. But how do you tell your boyfriend of almost 5 years that he’s hurting you every holiday. I don’t look forward to them, I spoil him with stuff and I get nothing in return. I’m done this year.