Little Truths about the Friend Zone

1. The friend zone exists
So many people like to exclaim, “there is no such thing as a friend zone, you are just being delusional or a scaredy-cat.” But, in actuality, the dreaded zone of being forever thought of as a friend or like a sibling is very real. It is a sad place to be (sorry), and causes a lot of bitterness and resentment to those who get placed there repeatedly.

2. You put yourself in the friend zone
If you do not try to win their affection, you will never know if it could have been yours. The fear of rejection or coming on too strongly is what puts a lot of people in the friend zone without them realizing.

Look, people love it when a confident suitor approaches them and says, respectfully, “How about we go on a date sometime?” Confidence does not always equal jerkiness. But timidity and indecision does equal the friend zone.

3. You might just be a question away
Really, there is this 10 word question that you probably have not asked yet. Once you say it, though, magic happens. Usually. Anyway, it goes like this: “Would you like to go on a date with me?” I know, it is scary, right? What if the apple of your eye says no? What if that ruins all sense of emotional intimacy you have with this person?

But here is the thing: if you get rejected, nothing is written in the rule books of human relationships that says, “Thou hath be rejected, and thus exiled from the proximity of the rejector.”

Besides, a true friend will not get weirded out by an honest question. In fact, they might be relieved to get such a straightforward inquiry, especially if they go for more confident people. So be confident, and give it a try.

4. Friend-zoning happens to everyone
It does not matter who you are and where you come from. People psychologically place others in the friend zone all the time, unthinkingly. Beyond the biochemistry of attraction, there are personal values and dreams that come into consideration.

While you might be upset for being called a friend, the individual might be thinking that having you in the friend zone is better than losing you altogether due to life obligations and complications.