The dance over the green city jiangnan

The beautiful four seasons petals drifting, the wind from the apical over the years vicissitudes of life, the wind fluttering from view over, gently blowing, sweet scented osmanthus flutters, Golden Harvest dance, dance across the Partition Panels field a piece of gold at the end of the apical, drunk.

Hold a blue umbrella through the misty rain lane, fog hung over a bridge, a song glides through the water, autumn wind knocked crooked strings, little love painting into the shade, winding sultry, pulled my heart Lei; holding a bunch of ielts exam autumn flowers walking path, light hug you slim waist, a fragrance all the way Bejeweled, intoxicated with petals; pick up a road into the basket, the wind flowing water, overflow, overflow wells, the green food flavor, fresh fish; on the Green Trail, late autumn wind filled the shear, not cleaning up Piaoqi disorderly love thoughts, that is home to finalize the lifelong, plum Ma, it is the hometown of Runtu; Qing Joseph in the autumn wind, boat across the river surrounded by rain, spray, spray splashed over the bow, wet silk scarves, laughter swept the quiet town, there was a pond water, relaxed and pleasant, Lu Xiang do, walk, watch, reward the intoxicated, her heart.

That evening after dinner, I walk in the small mountain town, brown Green Tea mountains reflected in the pond, water for faint ripples, autumn wind blowing from the mountains to the town, swing in the pond surface, on both sides of the willow tree up dance in the wind of autumn harp, I picked up the little memory, film trailers. Night, I still keep formation in this pool of lotus leaf, moon reflection in the pond, the cool autumn wind up with Bi, lotus dance Sese, lotus petals wither, float to fall in the depths, promenade, ear rings and the neighborhood children frolicking laughter…….

Not far from the house of hanging red lanterns hung, high spin, illuminate the Jiangnan Town, visitors walk through the streets, looking for goods in the shops, the girls like flowers, small guys glib tongue, a road, a road, a road, ideal setting for a couple in love; make a way to eat, the taste is not as far as the Jiangnan Food from the tip of the tongue slip, sweet your mouth, honey, your heart, the night felt communion with the moon, Mancheng sweet scented osmanthus fragrance filled the night drunk, filled the town; a way, think, hazy night, moon soaked trail, it is through the memories of the past, any time of the autumn wind, gently comb into a night in the most touching scene; the night wind, night pornography, a candle lit atrium Liao, alone in the house, the window the moon, drink a tea leaves, fragrant entrance, heart tranquil, enjoy a free night dance; think of the autumn trees the morning breeze blowing, swaying, heart passion, hugged tightly, kiss the morning, long reluctant to leave…….

Or that autumn morning, the clear fog shrouded in Jiangnan, the wind spin up, reed dance in the breeze, mountain maple tree withered, cool wind caress my heart, the constant shear autumn love, lingering, say not clear, is not clear, the heart of love, leave don’t hurry, I do not know when to go back to my dream of jiangnan…… ,