I’m waiting for you

The mouth of the gas has a white steam forms around the eyes, like a dream tube amp, but fleeting. Although half a head buried into the collar, but standing on the street or shiver with cold.

A car passed me, a door opening and closing, people around him away and the new, but I still stand in this noisy station.

I am et al.

Suddenly feel a glance behind me marie france bodyline, suddenly was trembling. Turned to look, a nearly thirty women passed behind me, she looked at me. A short paragraph eider down more fat, the fat on his face was cold wind blow the fixed in the cheeks, but, the eye always through the familiar. A pile of pressure in the brain region of memory out of the box was opened, kicked up a dust, inside store tens of thousands of different faces, or cry or laugh, or love or hatred. They are just my life on the road passing strangers, no intersection, the faces from the front of across, as through a mask promenade, only to find out that the So that is what it is. beautiful memory. Without her. When I slow over the God, who had gone away, leaving a faint glimmer of hot air.

I still stand in situ, opposite the street stalls selling tea egg white smoke Domestic Helpe. The brain is still in search of a piece of fat woman’s face.

I am et al.

I was shocked. The woman he and I are somewhat similar, no wonder it is so familiar. The woman must have wondered why I like her this question. A mild obsessive-compulsive disorder heart drop back to original position to find the answer, and then fear. After twenty years I can be what kind of? A few days ago, suddenly in a beam waist glimpse two from white to black tail hair, especially in the sun glare. HUAFA early phenomenon to naturally, but still not so give birth to cooler. Today it was relative with my four eye face to me attack is not small. Time is fleeting, fourteen years before the baby is now a set of people. Fourteen years, the hands of countless, but clear as yesterday. When that was hailed as a child prodigy Zhong Yong used fourteen years all but vanished. What about me?

Wei Wei back two steps, on the opposite side of the stalls in the furnace has been eliminated most of tea eggs.

I am et al.

Ah, I’m waiting to pass, while feeling with you flies side with wasted with you.

Ah, I am waiting for you ah, why do you still not come?