Exotic flowers East Coast

I walked across the coastline coastline, the most romantic is Hualian to Taitung was about 180 km.

From Taitung to Hualian, walking in the East Road 9 line, the East is the vast Pacific OceanManaged Security, the west is Xiongzhi central mountains,

The coast mountains, runs through the whole of the mountains and the sea, the geographical environment, as well as the unique cliff terrain, created the island coast terrace, sand, gravel beach, reef coast, offshore island, Cape and abrasion platform, the beautiful scenery overseas wedding.

Along the coast of an excellent ecological environment, basically maintained the original ecological. Blue sky and white clouds, clear water, sand, rocks, Castle Peak, green plants……. The blue sky and clean it, let people unconsciously head, the white clouds leisurely floating, swimming, made the sky transformation scene; the mountain near the green, the distant as ink generally; the water near the crystal clear, to the far turn blue as emerald, again far show a blue sapphire. Coastal cliffs and steep, sometimes gentle, seawater impacting the coastwomen clothing online, with white foam, wow… Was…, such as symphony like people intoxicated. If you are willing to, can close your eyes listening to Haitao, blowing sea breeze, enjoy nature and enjoy a leisurely life of comfort. When you open your eyes, slowly look around, the sky boundless, Castle Peak illusive, white clouds, the sun shines through the clouds to the sea, upon the beach, beautiful, warm…….

Each of the spots along the coast are carefully designed, but not deliberately. Fresh green grass, made of driftwood ornaments dotted with pavilions, without the use of a natural logs, few traces of industrialization. Trail romanticshore string sea, lawn, pavilions, visitors to the shuttle, every tourist will end up the camera to record that as green as emerald sea, record the misty clouds, recording the shore reefs, offshore beauty Island records, records play beach visitors……. Not the magnificent architecture, no giant sculpture, pavilion, stand, cabin, lawn, life is creation, everything is on a small plain, give a person with comfortable, romantic, fresh atmosphere.

“Take the east coast is full of art, art, creative and warm memories, let a person Beckoning coast”! This is the Hualian horse Lianda words.

Tour the east coast, is the best family or with several partners travel, if riding tour, a better effect. According to their own state of mind and heart, you like in the Gulf, enjoy the blue sky, white clouds,

Enjoy the beach, coral reefs, lawn and cabin to your petty bourgeoisie. May enter the shore Aboriginal home you want, feel the local culture and Food, lying on the bench in front of the house, and enjoy the sunshine through the coconut palms, and aboriginal dance song competition, it will not have a taste. 11 early is good season!