The past today

When eighteen years old, always think, time is a lot of, nothing is too hard to deal with, in addition, the necessary examination.

But in the twinkling of an eye, to walk two eighteen years old, time really does not forgive people, no matter who you are, no matter how much you noble, how poor, times are bound to be wasted. And finally, we will move towards a destination.

Like this season, always so cycles, but the season is eternal, and we, only now, in the past, the future is unknown.

Memories of the box inside, filled with our past, bit by bit, are we not give, put not open. I like to open the memory box, smelling the memories of taste, enjoy the memories of the quiet, as if just yesterdayhair loss treatment.

Often in the recollection, people will tell you, only if the first sign of lifesmartone.

In fact, if all stopped at the first, that we how to grow, how to mature, how to assurance of your life. Growth is the need to have a price, like it or not, it is difficult to control.

Life first, probably is beautiful. Like, Baoyu and Daiyu’s first, and who thought that the final outcome will be so sad Tougu.

If, if, these words are so beautiful, is so unreal. The life which has a lot of if.

The wasted years, halting the growing, mature, this process, you have your taste, I have my feeling. And we will also in this process have lost, have income. Lose or get, is our happiness.

Autumn, came to, this is a belong to our season.