Memory of the dead

Standing in the intersection of maple leaves, it has been unable to go pick up my mind. When Guhong from overhead, my heart is clear, this time round, you silent, I also Speechless.

In the south of the Yangtze River, the midnight bell away sleepless who? Outside Suzhou, whereas monsoon blowing the WHO pain?

Who knows the relentless wind? In fact, the autumn wind is in love, red rain here, few people can understand the autumn wind cold exterior hidden embrace in tenderness?

Yes, I know the autumn wind, every breath I know autumn over the fleeting time, every moan, I also know, autumn most can understand me quietly hidden in the happiness of each sound whisper, every sentence of words.

Now, when I sit makeup, makeup mirror alone on the surface you send, heart thrown is full of memories and remorse. If a stubborn, not when I suddenly initiation I think, now, you and I must be with the most beautiful feelings, go hand in hand in the most beautiful roses in full bloom in time.

I really didn’t think I was in a moment of anger, for a mobile phone number, blocked your contact to me, but also in his life of pleasure and happiness was buried in the heaven and earth no visible gaps.

Why does love fate to me so stingy? I just wanted to play the missing, to tease you, to know that three months of “naughty” will let you I stood at the furthest distance in the world.

Now, I can’t feel your heartbeat and breathing, I can’t touch you send me the dream Dieyi, I can only hold one quarter of the bleak, hang in the blank memory.

My dear, where are you? You don’t hear me hoarse voice in deep remorse? Do you know I have been waiting for you, waiting for you my gown black hair wisp, plug your love butterfly hairpin, then, is loving the life boats, walking for unmanned near the beautiful legend?

How can I make yesterday away from me? How do I put the most beautiful time ruin in dead leaf wandering the world, let alone the fireworks, watching a tragic drama?

Are you hug, kiss you, how I also willing to cast into someone else’s arms? Oh, my dear, in fact, since leaving you, I’ve been hiding in his siege there, another is what you don’t know the way, love you quietly, I love, never lose, always just keep piling, pile.