Exotic flowers East Coast

I walked across the coastline coastline, the most romantic is Hualian to Taitung was about 180 km.

From Taitung to Hualian, walking in the East Road 9 line, the East is the vast Pacific OceanManaged Security, the west is Xiongzhi central mountains,

The coast mountains, runs through the whole of the mountains and the sea, the geographical environment, as well as the unique cliff terrain, created the island coast terrace, sand, gravel beach, reef coast, offshore island, Cape and abrasion platform, the beautiful scenery overseas wedding.

Along the coast of an excellent ecological environment, basically maintained the original ecological. Blue sky and white clouds, clear water, sand, rocks, Castle Peak, green plants……. The blue sky and clean it, let people unconsciously head, the white clouds leisurely floating, swimming, made the sky transformation scene; the mountain near the green, the distant as ink generally; the water near the crystal clear, to the far turn blue as emerald, again far show a blue sapphire. Coastal cliffs and steep, sometimes gentle, seawater impacting the coastwomen clothing online, with white foam, wow… Was…, such as symphony like people intoxicated. If you are willing to, can close your eyes listening to Haitao, blowing sea breeze, enjoy nature and enjoy a leisurely life of comfort. When you open your eyes, slowly look around, the sky boundless, Castle Peak illusive, white clouds, the sun shines through the clouds to the sea, upon the beach, beautiful, warm…….

Each of the spots along the coast are carefully designed, but not deliberately. Fresh green grass, made of driftwood ornaments dotted with pavilions, without the use of a natural logs, few traces of industrialization. Trail romanticshore string sea, lawn, pavilions, visitors to the shuttle, every tourist will end up the camera to record that as green as emerald sea, record the misty clouds, recording the shore reefs, offshore beauty Island records, records play beach visitors……. Not the magnificent architecture, no giant sculpture, pavilion, stand, cabin, lawn, life is creation, everything is on a small plain, give a person with comfortable, romantic, fresh atmosphere.

“Take the east coast is full of art, art, creative and warm memories, let a person Beckoning coast”! This is the Hualian horse Lianda words.

Tour the east coast, is the best family or with several partners travel, if riding tour, a better effect. According to their own state of mind and heart, you like in the Gulf, enjoy the blue sky, white clouds,

Enjoy the beach, coral reefs, lawn and cabin to your petty bourgeoisie. May enter the shore Aboriginal home you want, feel the local culture and Food, lying on the bench in front of the house, and enjoy the sunshine through the coconut palms, and aboriginal dance song competition, it will not have a taste. 11 early is good season!

mottled moss after

In this world, I with memories of past lives, with cure my leave my mark, through thousands of years of wind and rain and astringent, love. Along the way, I stop and go, looking for her, finally, in the breezy summer, in a casual moment, you met in the south of the Yangtze riverielts exam.

In order to find you, I missed a lot of beauty, miss watching the flowers bloom mood, but I do not regret it, because you are my life the most beautiful meet, for you, I have the whole world. The flower color. Your arrival, I brushed the rove all over the world alone, I am wandering soul no longer wandering around between the pavilions, Mei Mei above water.

For you, I would be dust in flowers, no matter what year, what a summerWomen casual wear.

Because of you, whenever I go to where, I see all the beautiful scenery, I heard the song is melodious. In winter, I use your text heating; hot summer here, I use your song cool; in spring, I planted my heart is gentle and romantic; in autumn, I in your heart you harvest the true meaning of love and friendship.

The Jiangnan rain, rendering the most beautiful season, in the misty rain, we were on a little umbrella, straight, not drunk……

In this world, what happiness can better than you control console furniture?

With you in Shouxiang day, I always see the day is sunny, flowers are blooming everywhere; I heard the bird is hooty, song is melodious; I always feel, the wind is gentle, the heart is warm.

The past today

When eighteen years old, always think, time is a lot of, nothing is too hard to deal with, in addition, the necessary examination.

But in the twinkling of an eye, to walk two eighteen years old, time really does not forgive people, no matter who you are, no matter how much you noble, how poor, times are bound to be wasted. And finally, we will move towards a destination.

Like this season, always so cycles, but the season is eternal, and we, only now, in the past, the future is unknown.

Memories of the box inside, filled with our past, bit by bit, are we not give, put not open. I like to open the memory box, smelling the memories of taste, enjoy the memories of the quiet, as if just yesterdayhair loss treatment.

Often in the recollection, people will tell you, only if the first sign of lifesmartone.

In fact, if all stopped at the first, that we how to grow, how to mature, how to assurance of your life. Growth is the need to have a price, like it or not, it is difficult to control.

Life first, probably is beautiful. Like, Baoyu and Daiyu’s first, and who thought that the final outcome will be so sad Tougu.

If, if, these words are so beautiful, is so unreal. The life which has a lot of if.

The wasted years, halting the growing, mature, this process, you have your taste, I have my feeling. And we will also in this process have lost, have income. Lose or get, is our happiness.

Autumn, came to, this is a belong to our season.

Memory of the dead

Standing in the intersection of maple leaves, it has been unable to go pick up my mind. When Guhong from overhead, my heart is clear, this time round, you silent, I also Speechless.

In the south of the Yangtze River, the midnight bell away sleepless who? Outside Suzhou, whereas monsoon blowing the WHO pain?

Who knows the relentless wind? In fact, the autumn wind is in love, red rain here, few people can understand the autumn wind cold exterior hidden embrace in tenderness?

Yes, I know the autumn wind, every breath I know autumn over the fleeting time, every moan, I also know, autumn most can understand me quietly hidden in the happiness of each sound whisper, every sentence of words.

Now, when I sit makeup, makeup mirror alone on the surface you send, heart thrown is full of memories and remorse. If a stubborn, not when I suddenly initiation I think, now, you and I must be with the most beautiful feelings, go hand in hand in the most beautiful roses in full bloom in time.

I really didn’t think I was in a moment of anger, for a mobile phone number, blocked your contact to me, but also in his life of pleasure and happiness was buried in the heaven and earth no visible gaps.

Why does love fate to me so stingy? I just wanted to play the missing, to tease you, to know that three months of “naughty” will let you I stood at the furthest distance in the world.

Now, I can’t feel your heartbeat and breathing, I can’t touch you send me the dream Dieyi, I can only hold one quarter of the bleak, hang in the blank memory.

My dear, where are you? You don’t hear me hoarse voice in deep remorse? Do you know I have been waiting for you, waiting for you my gown black hair wisp, plug your love butterfly hairpin, then, is loving the life boats, walking for unmanned near the beautiful legend?

How can I make yesterday away from me? How do I put the most beautiful time ruin in dead leaf wandering the world, let alone the fireworks, watching a tragic drama?

Are you hug, kiss you, how I also willing to cast into someone else’s arms? Oh, my dear, in fact, since leaving you, I’ve been hiding in his siege there, another is what you don’t know the way, love you quietly, I love, never lose, always just keep piling, pile.