Time is like the sand

Time travel, time flee, time took a most precious to the life journey, it is called youth.

When the third car on the child seat, child lifted his innocent smile at me and said: Thank you, uncle. I am startled without each other, “Uncle” two words is always I expect others to call, do not want to one day be on me, but is this so let me be at a loss what to do. Maybe I have to admit, I really have no longer young.

In the winter season, the wind leaves falling, there was a fall in front of, fall in inadvertently raised within the palm. This leaves with autumn, can clearly see a season left context, seems to hide its life. Cross a context, the context of time structure of the trunk, youth is a branch vein trunk, constitute this autumn life mark.

Time heartlessly, there is then a reluctant, unwilling to admit their youth no longer. In total there are some can not bear, cannot bear in their youth painting of the last period. There are always so a little unwilling, reluctant to time cannot hold like this.

Just, let I how not, how to, how unwilling, age still every hour and moment for me at the moment soundless and stirless mark, whether physical, or memory.

This marks the hearts of people filled with sorrow, very light, very light… But, always haunt the mind, not loose, not scattered.

Time is helpless, the past years gradually become blurred. Fuzzy, not because the old figure drifting further and further away, but in the youth of the world to draw a piece of the rain is dim, blurred eyes, look not clear now. Only the past in memory, more clear. Only the future in the hope that, more sure, like autumn leaf venation, are counted, first of all depends on accurate.

The years of no interest, life is a process that never used to habit.

Do not know from when to rise, not hypocritical give pain, gradually conscious bandaging some wound, the tears already washed deep stagnation, not reluctant to do bad, no not at all language sad, should put puts, forget that you forget. Even if have already can’t remember her first appearance, even if you and I separated by a horizon, a cape, still, bless you.

I do not know when, not know what course to take no more. Has no wandering in the road, watching the heavy traffic on the street by anxious whisper, the track of life, have appeared too observant of conventional standards. fabulous. The pace is steady, steadfast gaze, know where is the destination. Just keep walking, the stop. Disperse the haze, where, no longer. If the sun dark black, ushered in the light.