This holiday season, the town of pass by, because a few days is to go after, not many people. This also let I can be more in-depth understanding, to know that the people of every hue and the town of old buildings seen reincarnationblack bedroom furniture.

Just stepped into the antique building to retain the integrity of the town, with the pace of progress, see is thousands of years ago ruts, the carriage was engraved traces, although a carriage and wagon. People have not, however, the rutting eyes but let me have a sense of want to cry. Like to see the wind changes in this town for hundreds of yearsiPad cover.

Go. Go, the road is lined with mahogany doors and windows, while still keeping the original look, but is apparently being renovated, less the share of the vicissitudes of history and ancient heavy feeling. Looks like in the Chinese ancient buildings are in the main courtyard. In the yard, a rare quiet and peaceful, green gray stone road, cork on the door have been rusty chains for so long. In the small courtyard that not too many features, I found the town of wind and frost dayswomen clothing hk.

Pass by the town biaoju, Xian Ya and too many shops, this is the point of intersection of past life and life, it is the place where many stories. Everyone walked in this town, with their stories and come, away, is the heart of the most unique insights.

And I, is like the feeling the past and present of my appearance, this city thousands of years ago, with their own imagination to fill one one she sketched, walk through the city, through a few world story.

Then, approached the Tibetan Buddhism is the combination point, is approached, not into, because I think the Buddhist culture, not very deep, it is very difficult really went to. Pass by a temple, to worship a deity, with a devout heart, listening to hear the language.

I saw the three step Koushou, for extremely admire big devout disciple of the Buddha, saw the spinning cylinder mouth ‘, read, “Om Mani Padme hum” lama. This is aroma, as if, in the sandalwood halo, the heart becomes more pure and. Like here, the heart of the world less care, can all troubles will be purified into space.

But the temple outside, more is a kind of quiet don’t dye Qianhua beauty. The grass covered with colored leaves, the lake there are ripples spread far into the distance, in the gentle wind in the whole body and mind can be completely calm and relaxed. Look away, the distant mountains, red yellow trees numerous, velvet draped over the mountain, more like a lid on my heart.

Through this, with a pious heart, worldly entanglements complicated gradually become very light. In the Buddha’s light, warm.