Beautiful beautiful scenery line

Think of the flower bloom in the summer, can not help people to ask, it why not open in the warm spring, nor in the warm autumn? But to squeeze in the summer to open, this is perhaps the “summer flowers is beautiful” this sentence because of it. County East Street, West Street and South Street in the tree, only the East Main Street in the tree is the most ancient, on both sides of the branches are connected, as if to love the lovers hand in hand walking on the street, close to the incomparable Ye Zipeng in mid air, lush summer, covered light, go through the a very long tunnel in the streets like, with the flowers open, the flowers smell in the street, people walking in the street to a gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind sucked to the muzzle, feel very refreshing, immediately make people feel fresh, reveling in the flower blossom fragrance. South Main Street in the tree without the street east of the ancient west street tree, even without the street east of the old. To say the ancient county, the oldest tree in the north now Xi Xiang an Jia Shu Lou south wall, has become the focus of Gansu province protect the cultural relics.

Remember, the home has three big locust tree, estimation and county streets are not a species of Sophora japonica. Large tree native, tree height seven or eight meters, the crown, crown diameter is around five or six meters, the trunk of the tree is more than two meters in diameter. It is our old ancestors migrated from Shanxi province to the place now, take root here, to commemorate the roots of matrix planting green tree, has experienced five or six generations, was cut in the mid seventy’s in last century, equipment used in the production of team building, office furniture and other water. The three big locust tree become our generations of children playing hide and seek, a good place for summer cool people. The flower not many days, it produces a string of green seeds, naughty children with a few feet long pole, pole head wire with a hook, and a string of sophora fruit break down, put it on stone scoop, another stone pound fine, hand a sphere, center in the sphere of the one meter long string, cooked in the sun dried, is a good toy — God Monkey (home children are so called). A head of children by the hand of the rope, with the biggest strength left after a few laps quickly let go, the so-called God monkey suddenly rushed to fly the sky, like a tadpole swaying in the sky, slowly slide in the tens of meters away. When the toys are parents or brother, sisters of production, where the money to buy the things we let these soil in rustic children play?

In the county of Sophora japonica, a man of knowledge, the scattered on the ground of the pagoda, or cassia seed to pick it up, back wash clean, dry after the collection together, in the hot summer, or dry winter, suffering into soup drink cool blood, treatment of hemorrhoids. In the hot summer days in the country these days, copious and fluent pagoda, like the winter snow, brush pull scattered on the street, the yellow petals is very good-looking, like printing cloth like beautiful.