This world is not the same

I am a lonely withered lotus, lotus pond in a corner, that is the most inconspicuous place, nobody would vote to the attention of the. I kept my head down, quietly put close companion to see: leaf stout, flashing green luster, fresh flowers, white with a yellow powder, butterflies around them, docked in her arms, flashing beautiful wings, as if is the friend, a natural right, among them Wu Nong soft let me alone, multiplication.

I was an unknown to the public by the roadside flowers, hidden in the grass, grass blocking my line of sight, in the vitality of spring, it against the fog light rain, be like hunger and thirst to sucking, I knowLocal Express, it is to let oneself grow more tall, robust, make your skin more transparent Ze clear. And I, just not long also not become more enchanting and moving, ordinary flower, accompany my earth, looking at the grass green, the mighty tall tree worship. Eager to compete with the grass, grass that who knows him stubborn, let I was small and insignificant morale, by invisible pressure exhaustedMen clothing wholesale.

I am a single drop of kapok, lying on the ground already for a long time. Once, I was the most beautiful kapok tree flower, red, thick, red like a flame burning proud of will. Once, I was the kapok tree on the bold ones, dressed in a red robe, in the spring breeze and amazing dance. Who knows, years like knife, knife knife urges a person oldCanadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration, ever luxuriant and glory, severely deprived by time, spring breeze is callous, will from the sky down to me, gently the tear I mutilated body. I’m proud that to go, my brilliant where, where my whole body goCHINESE MEDICENT?

I ask myself, is it right? Not to do the butterflies surround attract sb.’s attention lotus, generation after generation, enenaiai, but from time immemorial hate free, with the nourishment of love, may the sweet moment, eventually, the butterfly will leave, abandon its companion, maybe another butterfly can flypolo shirts for men, a burst of whispers of love, and Ephraim will be to abandon the. This chop and change of love, I don’t want to.

I ask myself, is it right? Not to do that. At the roadside grass, a little to see myself, a strong fighting spirit, some intangible medium human arrogance, let a be filled with a thousand regrets that poet, painter pen and ink brush small capital, can live the centuries long light years, the unification of spring rivers and lakes. But, not a tree to block the wind and rain, it has been flooding cover not endure, where summer fire fries. So vain, pompous inferior character, I don’t.