The perception of life

Life is flying in the life of sailing, sailing on the sea, that stretch as far as eye can see the sea, waiting for us is the tempestuous waves, life on the road of thorns, face the fate of a challenge, we often covered all over with cuts and bruises, and have been struggling, not stop occasionally, finishing with a.

Perhaps, this is the ideal foam, but still struggle inside breakable space, three years of hope and wasted, this is for the sake of that last bit of so-called joy, but in the end they reply that not the reality of freedom.

Hate sounding moan and groan without being ill, I can only begin to assume myself around cloud light, the wind light · · · · · · then, hearing a distant messy, together with their ears, into nothingness,, I heard too many sad voice, and I, only to cover their ears, unwilling to hear them say ignore his life, unwilling to hear them say sad spring, in this wonderful time, in order to perishable things sad and despair. Then why am I feeling why care so much difficulty and pressure with the passage of time, maybe I should be the same as the fallen leaves, in his own life, only zhouerfu return cycle, yellow green, fleshy, withered, can never escape the domination of the four seasons, avoid all difficulties and pressure, so when a life only bear, pay and escape, he lost to enjoy, return and escape from the power, perhaps because of this, he can smile to the end of life, silent and indifferent to bear all.

Walking on the road of life, the pursuit of dreams often let us be in a hurry to depart, refused to stop, so in the process of struggle, we sometimes feel tired, lost occasionally and depressed · · · · · · dimension we need to stop, go to rest, to relax, then fiercely to equip themselves, ready set the Thames a great coup.

Life is a cup of coffee with sour, sweet, bitter, hot, in the evening, try to remember that happened, with color of coffee up tired eyes to look to the future, in the process of hard work, we sometimes feel boring, tired and Bukan so we need to take a rest, to taste, to to explore, to adjust. For the future.

Self – like leaves bloom, like leaves in general difficult to burst, face the reality, the ideal will not bubble, in the face of messy, silence will not for Lamper