for the rainy days

i woke to rain and wondered why it always seemed to rain on days i have to tell my family goodbye!

kate went with them.
i watched her crammed in the back seat between nate and danny, smiling out at me.
she was so excited.
i smiled back.
knowing that this time i didn’t just feel a part of me was going with them, a part really was!

the other kids and i came home to a quiet housebedroom furniture.
extra quiet with daddy gone for the week too and after all the cozy crowdedness and noise this place has seen this past week.

now, ben and emma have run off somewhere in the neighborhood to play with friends.
baby is sleeping.
i gathered all the sheets. the towelsmobile phone accessories..
as i was sorting the piles i looked up and saw the sun peeking out from behind the clouds.
it’s brightness warming more than the chill in the air.

i put in a load and folded another, thinking to myself how often life can feel like a rainy day.
dark. gloomy. just blah. maybe even a blinding downpour. a scary storm.
but no matter what. the sun always comes out again.
the clouds part. the darkness passes. things are clear once more!

my dad said to me the other night when we were talking about some hard things in life,
this side of eternity is nothing like the other.
there’s something so much more than just now.
just our trial. just our sorrow. just our loneliness.
nothing is wasted or for no reason.
God is forever on His throne. never once stepping off.
it doesn’t matter if we don’t feel that way. the truth of it still remains!
just like the sun, though hidden from our eyes at times, it doesn’t change it’s existence.