Focusing a sweet things

Its been terribly busy here. I do not wish to focus on how I can’t keep up:) because there are joys and if I’m not on guard… The joys get swallowed by the sorrows. I’m not trying to be unrealistic by not focusing on the negative. Rather proactive!

Today I ventured into the Christian book store. I could easily spend an entire day there if I had the time:) it’s so peaceful there… And the wealth of knowledge everywhere…
The reason for my visit there is because I invited my sister in law over for coffee tomorrow morning and her birthday was a month ago… And since we both took turns having sick kids we haven’t seen each other since MY birthday which was a week before hers:)
I ha so much fun choosing a gift for her that I thought might bless her. … Lift her spirits… Make her feel loved and cared about. I love getting a gift where you can tell that the person who gave it to you actually thought of you:)
Anyways I got her a special pretty mug to sip hot tea while she reads a devotional. I got the devotional for myself as well.